“Masks are required at all worship services. Churches have an exemption from requiring vaccination proof, however, worship services are now limited to 50% of capacity unless all participants are fully vaccinated. If all participants are fully vaccinated, there are no capacity limits.”
Folks, we, the Elders of SVCC, appreciate how you have faithfully followed the guidelines established by our Provincial Health Officer for church gatherings, especially wearing masks. It has now become mandatory beginning at 5 yrs. of age and older. Let’s continue this call to protect ourselves and others. Thank you for watching our live stream at home when you were sick. You protected others!
Now the COVID-19 vaccinations, which have proven to be effective against the spread of this virus, have been strongly recommended by the Province for all people including those attending church gatherings, otherwise, we will be limited to 50% of our church capacity – back to 2 services of 50 people.
My view is vaccinations, like medicines and hospitals or any other health-related treatments, are “tools” used by God for our wellness and protection. God is our Healer! And He is not restricted in the way or the means of our healing. We must trust Him and trust the medical system/process that has been provided for our health. Being vaccinated, especially for the sake of others becomes a choice of “others-first” attitude which reflects Christian love and grace.
We will not require you to show your “vaccine passport” at the door at gatherings, but for now, we will practice the “honor system” – that you have made an informed decision to be vaccinated knowing the importance of it. If you feel compelled to let us know of your vaccination, please contact Joan who will guard your personal info. If you have any other related questions, we will gladly discuss them with you. Thanks.
So, for the sake of the Elderly, young children, and pregnant mothers including your leaders and yourself, we ask all those attending SVCC to be vaccinated. If you have not been vaccinated, would you seriously make the effort to do so because you are part of God’s family! We love you. We care for this church family. We want to be Christ’s ambassadors to the world Thank you. God Bless You!
Pastor Dinesh & the Elders of SVCC.