Hi Everyone,

I do hope you and your family are safe and well even as restrictions are slowly being lifted. Yes, it will take some time for us to feel good and secure about going in public places without having to space ourselves from others. Please remain vigilant in protecting yourselves as you go about your gatherings.

Our BC Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has given permission for restricted gatherings for under 50 people. The Elders of SVCC met recently to discuss the restart of our in-person services on Sundays. We believe that we should wait a while because of the complexities surrounding the gatherings with protective measures that we need to have in place along with protecting seniors and those at risk.

We care about the families of SVCC, so we will trust God and patiently wait. We do not want to rush and then face regret later, therefore, we will not meet for regular Sunday Services or church ministries until we feel confident and safe for families to gather.

I do want to thank you for your support during this time both in prayer and in the giving of your tithes and offerings. I do want to remind the SVCC family that you can give through the two established online platforms for giving our tithes and offerings or you can mail it to the church. Please read the SVCC Facebook page and SVCC website for more info. Help however you can in this trying time. God knows your needs.

Thank you for your patience in this process, we will sooner than later come together again to worship, fellowship, celebrate, and serve. Please continue to pray.

Pastor Dinesh